Install a new floor information

Install a new floor information

It’s time to install a brand new floor.
If you are building a new home and want a great floor that will outlast all other options, then it’s time for a hard wood floor to be installed 
If you have an old or new house with a concrete slab, don’t worry we can still install a wooden floor over the concrete.

If you have a house that you are renovating and don’t like the old pine floor that is currently there, we can install a new floor straight
on top of your original floor boards. Or pull up the original floorboards and lay over joists.
If you have a floor that is battling in its old age and might just need some small areas replaced or repaired we can do that as well.
Installing a floor is not only a craft but also an art. We are professional wood flooring specialists with skills developed through years of experience, who can guarantee a Quality and correct installation.
We can install all types of hardwood flooring including; Tasmanian Oak, Messmate, Spotted Gum, Black Butt, Radiata Pine, Baltic Pine, Ironbark, Jarrah, Chestnut, Brush Box, Sydney Blue Gum and many more.
Having your wood floor installed properly is the most important part of having a great looking floor that last’s a lifetime.
Compared to other flooring options wood floors although typically have a higher up front cost, are more affordable in the long run.
Because if your floor is looked after respectfully then it’s fair to say you could get 10 to 15 years out of it before any maintenance is required. Then it could be as easy as putting a new coat of polish over your existing floor, which is usually a surprisingly cheap and a quick 8 hour process.  So by the time you get home from work your floor is dry and has a fresh new look and it’s ready for you to walk all over. Remember timber is an expensive one off payment. But once you’ve got it, maintaining it over the years can be much more affordable then other floor covering options.

Also floorboards can add thousands of dollars to the value of your house.

Superbly polished floors Process of installing floor boards over concrete

Installing a new floor in an existing home over concrete is a big job but from start to finish we have got it covered
To start with you may need your carpet or tiles or other old floor covering removed which we can do.
Then there is the sanding and grinding off whatever is left behind from the removal of old floor coverings.
Then there is the skirting boards that will need to be removed, this might sound weird but we need to remove the skirting boards so we can get as close to the wall as possible whilst still leaving a 10 mm expansion gap, and then at the end of the job we install the skirting boards back to where they were.
Next comes the moisture barrier plastic which we cover the whole floor with, to protect your new floor boards from unwanted moisture problems.
After that we lay 12 mm plywood over the plastic which is then installed by drilling a 6 mm hole into concrete and then hammering in a 6.5 mm concrete nail.
We hammer in about 10 concrete nails psm.
After all that then we need to set up a string line to make sure we have a straight line to start off from. Then we trowel the glue 5 or 6 rows in front of us and then finally the 1st board can go down.
Once in position it gets secret nailed, which is where the nail goes in through the tongue so you cannot see it once the floor is finished. Then it’s pretty much just cut and nail over and over until every last piece has been laid.
You are then ready for the sanding and polishing stage of the job, we can normally do most jobs    within one week although sometimes it is a good idea to lay the floor and let the new boards and glue settle for a few days before sanding and polishing.

In a nutshell some of our install services include;

  • Floorboard Installation
  • We are happy to install most wood types from hardwood to pine or recycled wood
  • We can do Floorboard repairs
  • New timber can be installed straight over the top of existing wood flooring
  • We can install recycled wood
  • Installed over Chip board, Plywood, Joists, Batten’s or concrete
  • We can secret nail meaning you can’t see where the nails have gone in
  • Top nail which is when you can see the rows of nails
  • Glue is trowelled on when we lay a flooring
  • We can lay skinny boards or wide boards
  • We can lay over existing stairs
  • Floorboards and other materials are delivered to site and unloaded by us
  • We do the whole job from start to finish
  • Skirting boards can be removed and replaced by us
  • Doors can be removed and re-sized to allow for the new floor to fit underneath
  • We can remove your carpet, floating floor and most other floor coverings
  • We can remove your Ceramic Tiles, Lino or Vinyl and much more
  • We can grind off old tile glue, cement and grout etc.
  • We can grind concrete to remove high spots and prepare for new floor boards