Install services


  • New Floorboard Installation
  • We are happy to install most wood types from hardwood to pine or recycled wood
  • We can do Floorboard repairs
  • we can pull up your existing wood floor and lay over joists
  • New timber can be installed straight over the top of existing wood flooring
  • We can install recycled wood
  • Installed over Chip board, Plywood, Joists, Batten’s or concrete
  • We can secret nail meaning you can’t see where the nails have gone in
  • Top nail which is when you can see the rows of nails
  • Glue is trowelled on when we lay a flooring
  • We can lay skinny boards or wide boards
  • We can lay over existing stairs
  • Floorboards and other materials are delivered to site and unloaded by us
  • We do the whole job from start to finish
  • Skirting boards can be removed and replaced by us
  • Doors can be removed and re-sized to allow for the new floor to fit underneath
  • We can remove your carpet, floating floor and most other floor coverings
  • We can remove your Ceramic Tiles, Lino or Vinyl and much more
  • We can grind off old tile glue, cement and grout etc.
  • We can grind concrete to remove high spots, to prepare for new floor boards

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